Life insurance plans & Types of Insurance Police?

 HDFC Life offers a wide variety of life insurance plans and policies to cater to each individual’s insurance needs.

Why is it important to buy a life insurance policy?

A life insurance policy can help you get life coverage for you and make sure your family has some immediate financial support in the event of your death.

It can also help finance your child’s education and other needs.

A life insurance policy can also help you save for the future so that you can have a steady source of income after you retire.

It will help you save your business, pay off debts and make sure you are ready to face any unexpected financial situation in life.

 Benefits of Life Insurance Plans

Life insurance plans & Types of Insurance Police?
Life insurance plans & Types of Insurance Police?

 The death and disability benefits that your loved ones can get from your life insurance policy are the biggest benefit of an insurance policy. There are other benefits as well. Life insurance policies can be used as loan collateral and you can avail tax benefits under Section 80 (c) * of the Indian Income Tax Act, while maturity income is also exempt under Section 10 (10) (d) of the Indian Income Tax Act. Some life insurance plans can help you take care of your business financial responsibilities in the event of an untimely death.  Some insurance plans can also help you with long-term life goals, children’s education and marriage and unexpected expenses.

Types of Life Insurance Plans

 Defense plans;

 Term plans are usually low cost life insurance plans that provide complete protection and financial stability for your care …

Health plans;

HDFC Life offers a wide range of health insurance plans & Mediclaim policies that provide financial security for further treatment …

Children’s plans;

Successful parenting does not mean success. Financial planning for your children is a huge contributor to this success …

Savings and investment plans;

 Our savings and investment plans are life insurance plans that offer multiple ways to save and increase your money. 

Riders in life insurance;

Riders are additional benefits that a policyholder can add to the policy at a nominal cost. Riders improve your insurance coverage qualitatively and quantitatively. Currently HDFC Life offers you HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accident Disability Rider on various life insurance policies …